Application Process

Te Tukanga Tono Mahi

Our application process has a number of stages, each helps us to learn more about you and understand why you’re the right fit for Auckland Council.

Stage 1

Apply Online

Your online application is your first opportunity to show us how your interests, values, and studies align with Auckland Council’s goals and vision.

Stage 2

Application Screening

Your online application will be reviewed by the Talent Team. We will assess that you have met eligibility criteria and review pre-screening questions.

Stage 3

Video Screening

As a part of getting to know you, we will ask you questions about the role and Auckland Council’s goals and vision. This is also your opportunity to tell us about you and why you’re passionate about working for Auckland Council. You’ll be asked to complete a short one-way video interview. This should take approximately 20 minutes to complete, you’ll also have a chance to complete a practice question.

Stage 4

Online Assessment

The online assessment enables us to assess you against our Graduate and Intern key competencies.

Stage 5

Assessment Centre

You will be invited to attend a virtual assessment centre, where you’ll be involved in a variety of exercises and  have the opportunity to demonstrate how well you suit our Graduate or Intern programmes.

Stage 6


You will be required to attend a virtual panel interview with assessors and business representatives as the final stage of the application process. This stage is incorporated into the assessment centre day.

Stage 7


Subject to all required pre-employment checks, you will receive an online offer of employment, followed by your onboarding activities.

Now you’re ready to begin your journey with Auckland Council.